Production of awning for Caravan and Mobilhomes

Fully automatic Bonding and Cutting System Jentschmann 3796

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Manual positioning of ultrasonic welding units for assembly and piping seam on the right.
Entry of different fabric lengths and quantities for the same fabric width by touchscreen using the product database system. Automatic entry of welding parameters into machine control according to product.
After loading the fabric reels into unwinding units, insertion of the fabric lengths through the ultrasonic welding heads into the pulling carriage and placing the stacking table, the machine is ready for the fully automatic operation.
By activating the plant, the pulling carriage starts to pull the welded fabric with 8 m/min.
After reaching the preset length of fabric the flying square cutter accelerates to the pulling speed, closes the clamps and cuts the fabric.
After cutting, the pulling carriage accelerates to its top speed and pulls the finished awning panel over the stacking table to deposit. Meanwhile the flying square cutter continues pulling the welded fabric.
Subsequent depositing the awning, the pulling carriage returns with high speed back to the square cutter, synchronises it’s speed, closes the clamps and takes over pulling the fabric. After opening the pneumatic clamps, the flying square cutter returns with high speed to its home position, waiting for the next cutting operation.
This cycle is repeated for the different preset awning lengths until the fabric rolls are used up.
Manufacturing an awning panel 3.5 m long takes a process time of 26.25 seconds.

  • Two driven unwinding units for fabric rolls, width up to 320 cm and diameter up to 60 cm. Fabric feed control by dancer. Sidewise movable for loading of fabric rolls by crane.
  • Edge control for exact feeding of fabric lengths into Ultrasonic bonding units with accuracy of +- 1 mm
  • Two Ultrasonic cutters for exact longitudinal cutting of fabric lengths.
  • Static Ultrasonic Welding unit with rotary horn for the left piping seam with fabric guide and integrated piping feed system.
  • Sidewise onto seam position adjustable Ultrasonic Welding unit with rotary horn for assembly of fabric lengths.
  • Sidewise adjustable Ultrasonic Welding unit with rotary horn for the right piping seam with fabric guide and integrated piping feed system.
  • Seam press for compressing and cooling of welding seams consisting of a conveyor belt over the full machine width and a roller press for each seam.
  • Pulling carriage with pneumatic clamps for traction of welded fabric lengths during welding process and depositing the cut awning panels on the mobile stacking table.
  • Flying square cutter for exact cutting of welded fabric to required length with accuracy of +- 2 mm. Pneumatic clamps for pulling fabric in process during depositing of finished awning panel on stacking table. Square cutting occurs with rotating band-knife on full fabric width simultaneously.
  • Mobile stacking table for finished awning panels with automatic height adjustment according to stack height.