Portal Frame Ultrasonic Bonding Machine for continuous gluing of fabrics and welding of thermoplastic coated tissues with manual setting of welding parameter adjustments. For manual feeding of material. Particularly suitable for voluminous workpieces like car protection covers tents etc.

  • Continuous cutting with edge sealing of fabrics and fleeces.
  • Cut-welding of thermoplastic or thermoplastic coated fabrics and fleeces. Thereby two layers one obove the other are cut and the edges are welded together at the same time.
  • Welding of thermoplastic or thermoplastic coated fabrics and fleeces.
  • Bonding of all kinds of fabric, fleeces and foils by means of heat avtivated adhesive tapes.

Working table for placing and positioning the fabric between the sonotrode and anvil roller.
Lowering and lifting the anvil roller system by pedal.
Start/stop of welding, continuously by proportional pedal as option.
Setting of welding power output by amplitude, anvil roller pressure and bonding speed.
Manual adjustment of two welding power output settings.
Switching over to second power output setting by knee-lever switch.
  • Welding head consisting of solid welded steelsheets.
  • Welding procedure: 35 kHz, 600 W ultrasonic with rotating 11 mm sonotrode and anvil roller, optional 7 mm steel or 20 mm 900 W sonotrode.
  • Bonding speed: 0.3 – 30 m/sec.
  • Sonotrode and anvil roller with 2 separate differentiable drives.
  • Possibility of spotweld.
  • Programmable weld repeat sequence backward and forward (backtack).
  • Width of welding seam: 2 – 11/20 mm according to anvil roller.
  • Under arm clearance: 355 mm.
  • Manual entry of two selectable welding parameter settings.
  • Very low power consumption without power peaks.
  • Environment-friendly! No microwaves, no nuisance.
  • Power requirements: 1 x 230 V 10 A, compressed air 6 bars.

  • Adhesive tape feeding systems
  • Fabric guiding devices
  • Pullers
  • Cooling systems
  • Special anvil systems