Cut & Weld Twin

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Machine for cutting and edge sealing of Membrane Filters and similar materials.

Cutting and edge sealing on one or both sides of membrane filter panels.

Conveyor for placing and feeding the panels to be cut.
Pressure roller for definite feeding of panels to ultrasonic cutters.
One fix ultrasonic cutting head on the left with hardened steel rotary horn and cutting wheel.
One ultrasonic cutting head on the right, adjustable on material width.
Conveyor with pressure roller for removing cut panels.

  • Frame made of solid aluminum profiles
  • 2 Cutting heads 4796-2-7 ST
  • Cut and sealing system: Ultrasonic 35 kHz 600 W with hardened 7 mm rotary steel horn and cutting wheel.
  • Cutting speed: 3 – 10 m/min depending on material.
  • Cutting width:290 – 590 mm (Other dimensions possible)
  • Max. material thickness: up to 5 mm, depending on material.
  • 2 differentiable drives for rotaray horn and cutting wheel per cutting head.
  • Adjustable drive for conveyor belts.
  • Cutting speed of each cutting head and feeding sped individually adjustable
  • Very low power consumption without power peaks.
  • Environment-friendly! No microwaves, no nuisance.
  • Power requirements: 1 x 230 V 10 A, compressed air 6 bars.