Textile Sun Protection

Jentschmann has a complete range of machines and systems for the fabrication of awning covers, rollos / rolling shades, and other solar protection products. We have solutions for cutting, panel joining, hemming, spline pockets or extrusion attachment, and valance shape cutting.
Together with leading awning manufacturers, our developments set new standards in the industry for high quality, cost effective production techniques, and inovations like re-inforced adhesive films to eliminate fabric stretching.

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Textile Solar Protection

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Technologies / Products

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Industrial Sewing
Ultrasonic Welding/Gluing
Storage + Handling Solutions
Textile Solar Protection
  • Regal-Lager-System RLS

    Rack-Storage-System RLS Jentschmann’s Rack-Storage-System is a dynamic fabric roll storage system with automatic unloading of…

  • Material-Handling-System MHS

    The Material-Handling-System is an intelligent storage and handling system for an easier and faster transport…

  • ScreenCut

    The ScreenCut is a highly dynamic cutting machine for fabric rolls up to 2.000mm /…

  • Weldsonic™ Twin

    Ultrasonic Gluing System Weldsonic™ Twin The Weldsonic™Twin ultrasonic gluing system uses two 35 KHz rotary…

  • Sewsy™

    Sewsy™ High performance sewing plant with mobile sewing head for assembling and hemming of awning…

  • Webtex Riegelautomat

    Webtex Riegelautomat Video Video Video Application The “Webtex Riegelautomat” is a sewing machine for automatic…

  • Texband Cutter

    Texband Cutter Ultrasonic cutting automat for cutting and folding pull up straps for venetian blinds…

  • Punchy

    Flounce Cutter Punchy™ The Punchy™ is a computer controlled cutting machine for automatic cutting out…

  • Kesa

    Kesa High performance sewing plant with mobile sewing head and piping feed for sewing the…

  • DA867 Keder

    DA867 PVC keder hem Sewing plant with piping feed for sewing the upper and lower…

  • Quick Zack™

    Quick Zack™ The Quick Zack™ is a special zick-zack sewing machine for binding of looped…

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